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Below are links to different ways you can protect water quality and conserve water through your landscaping practices.

Pet Waste

Pet waste is a major source of bacteria found in our local waterways. So picking up after your pet every time, helps protect your feet, your kids, and our streams.
Interested in receiving a FREE pet waste station for your neighborhood?
Call (803) 545-3227, if you are a City of Columbia resident and your recycling bin is blue. 
Call (803) 929-6000, if you are a Richland County resident and your recycling bin is red or green. 
Recycle Bins

Fats, Oil, and Grease (FOGs)

Did you know that fats, oils, and grease poured down kitchen sinks lead to messy and expensive clogs? These clogs cause sewer overflows, which can lead to raw sewage in your house, the street, and local streams and rivers. To prevent clogs you can:

Other Ways to Protect Your Water

Below are a couple of other ways you can protect your local streams and rivers.